1. Increase Your Calorie Intake Per Day

Nutrition is the main aspect that every guy who wants to put on some weight and muscle should focus on. One of the more prominent bodybuilders, Mike O’Hearn, said in a recent interview something very interesting about nutrition:

‘’We need to understand the importance of nutrition before we start working out. Nutrition is the thing that comes first. He continued by stating that he can change a person with nutrition alone without weightlifting, whereas he can’t change a person weightlifting alone without nutrition’. Reading that statement might give you an indication of how important nutrition is when gaining muscle.

By eating enough calories per day you will be able to gain weight. Studies have found out that an average man should eat around 2500 calories a day to maintain his weight, and 2000 calories a day to lose one pound per week. Click here for more information. According to this reasoning,  this would mean that you will gain one pound of weight per week if you eat 3000+ calories a day.

We understand that this method will not work for everybody out there who is looking to get bigger. It all depends on different factors that should be taken into consideration while following this strategy.

Take this example:

A guy who eats 3000 calories a day but burns a lot of these calories because he is very active throughout the day will gain weight slower than a guy who is less active. If you are very active, you should think about increasing your calorie intake which will serve as a solution to that problem. Keep also in mind that gaining one pound of weight doesn’t mean that it will be all muscle.

This is where the second aspect of working out comes into play.

The downside of following a high intake calorie plan is maintaining it. There a lot of guys who are eating a mass amount of calories but are not able to maintain that for any way. That is why we recommend starting slow if you have trouble eating 3000+ calories a day. Compare it as coming back to the gym after a long time off. You don’t go as heavy as you did before you stopped. Try to go a little lighter until you work your way back up.

The same principle should be applied when trying to maintain your calorie intake. Whatever your calorie intake is now try to put another 250 calories and let your body adapt to that. From there you can work your way up.

2. Consume Enough Protein and Carbs

When trying to build muscle it is essential that you get enough protein and carbs with your meals. Protein can be found in meat, grains, beans, seafood and dairy products such as milk, cheese, etc. Foods that are good sources of carbs are oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, pasta.

This brings us to the following question: How much protein and carbs should you eat daily in order to grow bigger?

That depends on different factors such as age, height, activity level and numerous other factors. We recommend that you should go for between 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.

If you find yourself in the situation that you are not able to eat the needed amount of protein per day, you should consider adding whey protein to your diet. We are currently working on a detailed article about whey protein that will help you choose the whey that works for you.